Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored.

Are you singing that TikTok original?

If not, what have you been doing with your time in quarantine?

Obviously not spending too much time on silly apps....

Maybe you should be writing this blog post! : )

Anyways, BOREDOM.

It has probably hit hard the last couple of days. Boredom often occurs when you settle into a routine. I know that we all don't want to admit it... but this stay at home order has become our new routine, but don't you fret! We will go through some boredom busters in this blog post!

I hate being bored. It is simply a wasted emotion. There is always something productive or fun that you can do with your time!

Here are my 5 favorite boredom busters:

1. Change your morning routine and MAKE THE DAMN BED! Making the bed is so simple but it does more than make your room look tidy. Making the bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Instant success that sets you up for a day filled with positive vibes, less clutter, and a lower level of stress.

2. Marie Kondo your space. Does it spark joy? No, toss it!

Less stuff brings more clarity and appreciation.......and maybe it justifies a few new sparks of joy from Amazon. My husband doesn't seem to agree with that part of my thought process. Haha.

3. Do a stretching routine and maybe some body weight calisthenics! Push ups, pulls ups, squats, OH MY! Look up 30 day workout challenge on Pinterest and you will have an endless supply of programs to chose from.

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't just shoot their husbands, they just don't." - Elle Woods

4. Meditate + Ground! Connect to the Earth and whatever higher power/vibes you believe in. Our ancestors came in contact with the Earth's surface daily while now many people go days or maybe even weeks without coming in contact with it. The Earth's surface is electromagnetic and our bodies are highly conductive! Our nervous system is like wiring, we are made of minerals, and our tissues hold water. We are like one giant battery! Ya know, static electricity and stuff. Once you are grounding set an intention and meditate! Meditation is for anyone who ever feels.....anything! Never meditated? Follow this link for a 15 Minute Beginners Meditation for clarity.

5. WASH YOUR FACE. I know this is probably followed by you thinking to yourself, " but I didn't go anywhere." This may be true but your skin still produces oil and gathers pollution from outside factors. Dust, pollen, sweat, and other air pollution particles can damage your skin!

Check out Dermalogica's Skin Pollution Index rating at

You have all this time so why not take care of your skin! Invest in a good serum, some fun sheet masks, and maybe even a satin/silk pillowcase. Let's leave this quarantine like, YOU GLOW GIRL! I'm always here for your skincare needs so I'm going to offer you 10% off my website just for reading my silly little blog post! Use code: BOREDOM20

Well did we just boredom bust for a couple minutes? I call that a win!

Until next time,


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